Environmental Policy
For many years, we give a central place to respect for the environment, as evidenced by the tree in our logo. In November 2012 we awarded the GREEN KEY label.

Thus :

• We have installed delayed taps (PRESTO type) on all collective use water points to avoid unnecessary wastage of water flowing because someone forgot to close the tap!

• We have installed water saving devices on taps for private use (within rentals), so as not to deplete the resource.

• We supply the toilets in the collective sanitary buildings with well water (no need to use drinking water in the toilet!).

• The lighting of collective buildings is made of neon or fluorescent tubes which are elements with low energy consumption. And we fitted timers. However, do not forget to turn your own lights off….

• The lights on the campground, except the pétanque-field lighting, are all equipped with neon lights or low consumption lights. All are equipped with light sensor, to provide lighting when necessary, but avoid light during the day, or a programmer (pétanque lighting closed at midnight). We even installed a few solar lights.

• In our rentals, we replace each bulb by economical ones, and already equipped more than 70% of the lighting.

• We set up the sorting out for different types of waste: packaging, batteries, and glass.

• We note monthly our water meters and electricity consumption to manage better.

• Our parkland is planted with local species that require little watering, and are only watered during the night with our well water. We crush the trimming branches and use it as mulching to avoid evaporation and weed growth. Other trimming scraps and fallen leaves are shredded and stored to make compost to bring a natural fertilizer to the ground.

• We use as much as possible, ecological cleaning products.

Thank you for participating with us in these efforts, nature also will thank you.